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4 Nov 2010

Anyone who is applying for a job using our website really should take advantage of all the resources that we offer. One of these is the CV Writing Tips section. To get to this you should click on the Jobs tab that is located on your dashboard and then click onto the Post Your CV tab. If you have not already completed your CV you will see a screen from where you will be able to navigate to the CV Writing Tips section.

The CV Writing Tips section really provides our members with all the information that they need to create a CV that will help them to get the perfect job. Make sure that you take the time to read these tips are really and implement all the advice that you are shown. For instance at the start of the tips you will see that it goes into information on the position that you are seeking as all the other information that you put on your CV should reflect that you have the experience to fill this type of position exactly.

Next comes the Objective section which will tell you why this is so important and the kind of information that you should put into this section. You will see that there are plenty of examples that you can make your own when it comes to creating your own CV. Try not to copy these word for word as your style of writing in the rest of your CV will look different to what you would put here. Make good use of the tips that are shown and you will be able to write a fantastic objective on your CV.

You will then see that the Work Experience section comes next. Here you need to give all the examples of your previous work experience that you have had. This is an incredibly important aspect of your CV and you should make sure that you include everything that is relevant. Focus on your skills and various responsibilities and you will be able to show potential employers exactly why they should employ you. Obviously if you are fresh out of university or college you will not have any previous work experience, but as long as you state this that is no problem to a potential employer. Once again making use of the tips and examples and you will be able to show your new employer your skills and experience in your previous jobs.

The next set of tips focuses on your Education. Make sure that you list all of your qualifications, certificates and any training that you have received both in education and whilst you have been in previous position. The examples are given will help to jog your memory and ensure that you put every bit of education you have ever had down on your CV.

Next comes the Memberships section and this is something that many people overlook even though it can be a really useful piece of information. So if you have been a member of the association or had to act as chairman, president, speaker treasurer and so on make sure that you list it here on your CV. Being a member of the association looks good on your CV so make sure that you do not miss out this vital opportunity to tell your potential employer more about yourself.

Now there is the Skills section and here you can list any of the skills that you may have that could be pertinent to a new job. Make sure that you are skills that are relevant to the position that you are applying for and this will add vital weight to your CV.

Finally there is the Reference section and a good reference can really make all the difference. While it is optional to list references on your CV if you have good references you should make sure that you include them. Doing this can save potential employers a lot of time when it comes to contacting referees to gain information about you.

At the bottom of the tips you will also find a list of action verbs that can be used to your advantage in your CV. Make sure that you use these and you will have written an excellent CV that potential employers will be interested to read.

So follow these tips and you will be able to create a CV that will have employers wanting to invite you in for an interview.

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