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31 Oct 2010

Looking for a job either as a first time employee or as someone who wants a change of direction can be very time consuming and frustrating. It can also be really difficult if you have never had to search for a job before. Thankfully with our website searching for a job is made much more easily and straightforward. So here is a little help and advice on how you can search for the right job for you using our website.

To begin with you will need to click on the jobs tab that is located on your dashboard. Once you’ve done this you will be taken to a screen where you can begin to search the jobs.

You can search for jobs on the screen using keywords, the job location or the company industry that you are interested in working in. You will find that there are many different job locations to choose from in the drop-down box. There are also many different company industry to choose from in the relevant drop-down box. You can also choose to add another location or industry if it isn’t already shown in the drop-down box.

It is also possible to save any searches that you create on here, should you wish to. This means that you can go back to this search whenever you like and see if there had been any new jobs uploaded in the category and industry of your choice.

When you perform your search you will be brought up a list of all the relevant jobs that are in the location or industry that you have chosen and depending on the amount of jobs available you may have more than one to choose from.

If there are no jobs that meet your criteria you will be told this on this screen.

If you find a job that is relevant to you and your needs you can send off your CV to the company. You should already have created your CV using our website and have this saved and ready to send off.

It is also possible to use an advanced job search by clicking on the Advanced Search tab. Clicking on this tab will bring up the screen.
As you can see you can search for a job using keywords, job location, job role, company industry, type of company, gender, minimum monthly salary, career level, employment status, employment type and you can also choose between Arabic only, English only, French only and no preference jobs. Once again you can choose to save your search so that you can go back to a later date and perform another search on this type of job.

As well as the two job searches are to be mentioned you can also search the jobs by company. To do this click on the By Company tab and you will be shown a screen and from there you can select the companies that you are interested in working for.

You will also notice that there are two other tabs that are available when you are searching the jobs which are entitled Saved Searches and Saved Jobs.
The purpose of these two tabs is quite self-explanatory as you can take a look at saved searches and saved jobs that you have already taken a look at.

Now that you know how to search the jobs using our website you will be keen to take a look at the jobs that are on offer. Good luck with your job hunting!

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