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In case you missed it: we’re on Twitter! Follow the Salam Business Club (@salambc), our CEO and Founder Rias A. Sherzad (@Riyadh) or our Online Media Strategist Khalil Aleker (@khalilaleker). Set up your free Twitter account and receive the latest business information the minute they come out.

Twitter is without a doubt the best way to share and discover what is happening right now… Salam Business Club is on Twitter, follow us here. Here is a great Infographic by Gerardo Obieta, follow him here.

Salam Business Club has been using Twitter for just about a year now. And it’s been a great, effective and rewarding experience. Here’s 15 reason why you should use Twitter for your business. Distributing Coupons and Offers – since Twitter is a permission-based communication medium, it’s the perfect means of distributing offers. Good friend Adam […]


This is the company blog of the Salam Business Club, the first worldwide Internet-based business network for the Arab, Asian and Muslim world, with members from over 180 countries.

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