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According to and these are the 10 things your CV could do WITHOUT: Source:

We have noticed many of our members, from more than 185 countries, desperate for employment. Hence Salam Business Club’s new project is to launch a Jobs Section. Where we will be able to list all job vacancies from all countries. It is still in development stage, however things are looking good, keeping the demand for […]

Almost 30% of our Salam Business Club members are looking for jobs currently. Soon we will be launching our JOBS section however in the meantime here are some preparation work for you. Read, learn and study these 10 most likely interview questions: What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What attracted you to this […]

We have noticed many of our members requesting help on finding Jobs and placement in Dubai, Egypt, US and other countries. Well, here are 7 must read presentations for you job seekers. Review, study and practice [click on the blue headings to open your presentation] 1. Effective Job Interviewing from Both Sides of the Desk […]


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  • shehu: Am a banker with 4yrs experience.I wish to get a job in the gulf countries where I can explore many [...]
  • mustafa husain khan: Assalam alaikum. My self mustafa I am a graduate in pharmacy, Diploma in business administration &am [...]
  • Fethi issac: Aselamu aleicum wr wb 4 all specily 4 khalid i am from ethiopia am been for 20 years in italy i am a [...]
  • Khalid Usman: i completed my BBAIT Hons 4yrs degree n 2006. I worked here n Pakistan n Ministry of Defence Product [...]
  • Beta testing our iPhone/iPad App | Salam Business Club Blog: [...] have just finished implementing our iPhone/iPad app utilizing our newly released API and are c [...]