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Looking for a job either as a first time employee or as someone who wants a change of direction can be very time consuming and frustrating. It can also be really difficult if you have never had to search for a job before. Thankfully with our website searching for a job is made much more easily and straightforward

So you have taken the plunge and decided to join our ever expanding website which will help you to create vital business contacts, apply for jobs and much, much more. However before you can start to really network effectively you need to make sure that your profile tells others on the website as much about you as possible.

If you are on the lookout for a new job or want to move into a new and challenging role you could really increase your chances by applying for a job via Salam Business Club. Here for anyone who is looking for a new job is some help and advice on applying for a job this way.

If you are looking for work you will know that you will need to have a CV which you can show to potential employers so that they can get an idea of your qualifications and experience in the workplace. Your CV should show your strengths and highlight any particular areas that you have experience in and it should encourage employers to want to learn more about you.

If you are new to the job searching arena you will no doubt be keen to impress potential employers. When you have the interest of someone who is advertising a position that you are interested in you will have a better chance of securing a job with them. Here is a little advice on what potential employers want to know about you from your CV which will help you to be successful in getting the right job.

If you are looking for work there are 5 types of people you need to please.  And the bummer is they all want something different from you.  Here they are and here’s what you need to give them: Recruiters Recruiters want to know a little something about you.  That little something?  Are you a fit […]

The following is a guest post from Jim Horrell.  Jim is an active member of the LinkedIn group, a current job seeker and a blogger on his way up. This weekend I went for a walk.  Although there was snow on the ground, the sun was shining and there was a light wind.  It was […]

Salam Business Club will soon bring you a new simple and clean Job Profile feature. Now you will have a dedicated job profile section, where you’d be able to list your skills, preferred industry, preferred city or country and obviously view the latest jobs on the portal. If you are a recruiter or company and […]

As a Recruiter, I see a LOT of CVs/Resumes. If I were to compile statistics of characteristics of the workforce based on resumes, I would find that the vast majority of today’s workers are: Hard-Working Strategic Professional Successful Dynamic Results Oriented …and Highly Effective That’s impressive! If only it were true! Whenever I see these, […]

There is hardly a job seeker that can’t give you a really “good” reason why their situation is worse than most and they can’t get a job because of it.  Certainly there are challenges that many people face that may make it more difficult, but most people over estimate how large those challenges are. Also, […]


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