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29 Aug 2009

Yesterday I read a few posts about Customer Service. Let me help you summarise them:customer-service.jpg

There are the three essential ingredients necessary for any company to deliver great customer service:

Desire: First, a company has to see the value in providing customer service. Not all do. Some companies clearly have determined that their “value quotient” is price and that the cost of providing better customer service does not provide an economic return.

Hiring: Some people are not well suited for dealing with customers. They don’t test for personality in school. Companies with great customer service have great hiring processes.

Training: Being friendly is about 20 percent of customer service. Unfortunately, many companies think that customer service is about smiling and asking everyone how they are. Worse is the “How can I provide excellent customer service?” line that some companies are using in their call centers. I think that sums it up. They really don’t know!

S.A.V.E and angry customer like this:

Sympathize. “I can understand why you are upset,” or, “yes, I can see the problem,” or, “I am so sorry that we have put you through this” will go a long way to calming most people.

Act. “I am going to talk to the person who does our scheduling,” or, “I am going to go back to production to take care of this myself,” or 100 other things you can say that will solve the problem.

Vindicate. It’s important to let the customer know that this isn’t business as usual. In my custom-framing business, if we frame something improperly we say, “We have a quality control inspector in addition to your sales consultant who checked over your order. They usually catch things like this. Obviously they dropped the ball. I’m really embarrassed. This kind of performance did not get us where we are. Again, I’m really sorry.”

Eat something. Customers did not give you money to get bad service. Many times it is appropriate to give them something. A restaurant might offer a free dessert, another company could offer free delivery or a discount. It costs a lot to find a new customer; it is certainly worth something to keep an existing one.

Well easy isn’t it? :)

Seth explains in his post about “the problem with customer service is not a new one. It’s about balancing between serving a lot of people a little, or dropping everything to serve a few people a lot.”

In conclusion if you going to set expectations, set expectations early and often. If you’re going to give me your phone number, you better answer it. If you’re going to offer a warranty, you better honor it. If you position yourself as a company with real people eager to make every single person happy–you better deliver!

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