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21 Oct 2010

So you have taken the plunge and decided to join our ever expanding website which will help you to create vital business contacts, apply for jobs and much, much more. However before you can start to really network effectively you need to make sure that your profile tells others on the website as much about you as possible. If you use a little help on creating a winning profile that will help you to increase your network of contacts and get the kind of jobs that you are looking for here are a few hints that could really be of use.

Firstly you need to click onto the My Account tab. From here you will be taken straight to your profile page which is on your dashboard. As soon as you access this page you will be told exactly how much of your profile is complete. If you have not completed any of your profile yet it will be at 0%, your aim here is to get it up to 100% which means that you have filled in every area of your profile and created a comprehensive guide to yourself. However, as you are working through your profile and filling it in you will be shown exactly how much of your profile you have completed and how much still needs to be completed. Don’t worry if you are unable to complete all of your profile in one go, it is possible to save what you are doing as you are working through it and return back to it later when you have more time.

To start with take a look at the Business section of your profile and start to fill in the details about yourself. You can choose between five different statuses: entrepreneur, freelancer, student, employee or job searcher. This will instantly tell others on the website what you are currently doing and which areas you might be interested in. Remember you will be able to change this status whenever you like so do not worry that you have chosen an incorrect status when you first begin completing your profile.

From here move onto the – I have to offer section ā€“ here you should tell other people all of your strengths and what you have to offer potential contacts and employers. Make sure that you provide as much detail as possible as this will help to inform others about your skills and your previous experience. Then go to the – Iā€™m looking for section and provide information about this. State if you are looking for a job or if you are looking to network with other people, remember simply separate statements with a comma.

Below here you can then fill in the your address, the companies you have worked for, the industries you have worked in, any organisation that you are part of, your contacts, your group memberships, business e-mail details and business websites. All of this information will be put on your first profile page so you need to make sure that it is relevant and correct.

The next tab is the Personal tab and here you can enter more personal information about yourself such as your name, date of birth, address, interests, status message and private e-mail and websites. The next tab is the Education tab and the information required on here is very straightforward, simply state everything that relates to your education and the languages that you speak.

There are two other tabs ā€“ Contacts and Guestbook and these will start to be populated as you start to make your contacts and when other people add a message to your guestbook. You do not need to think about these two tabs at the moment as they are a supplementary part of your profile and not something that most people will look at to begin with.

So in order to make a winning profile you need to make sure that you have filled in all of the relevant sections and provided as much information as possible. You might want to take a look at other members profiles to see the kind of information they have added, as this can sometimes be of use to newcomers. Don’t forget that you can always add or remove information as you are going along and your profile can change and evolve as you do. Follow these hints and you can create a winning profile that will have other members wanting to add you to their contacts.

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