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We have just finished implementing our iPhone/iPad app utilizing our newly released API and are currently squeezing out the last bugs and putting some finishing touches on it. Please have a look at the following screenshot and let us know your thoughts. What you see on that screenshot is the Dashboard, the page that comes […]

Every once in a while we get e-mails asking about the benefits of joining the Salam Business Club. Here’s a little summary on those benefits.

Bayt is now powering the Jobs section on the Salam Business Club and gives our members access to more than 18,000 vacancies throughout the Middle East.

Work on our iPhone App is progressing and we’d like to update you with a few screenshots. Please keep in mind that they’re still under development and may change. Searching for members The screenshot above also tells you the name of our iPhone developer, Christian Hartmann. List of contacts This is the list of your […]

We’re currently developing an iPhone application that will be, InshALLAH, released to the Apple Store by the end of July. It will be free of charge and enable you to access the most important functionalities of the Salam Business Club.

Over the past weeks we’ve been working hard to create an API that enables third-party developers to create applications around the Salam Business Club.

On the 14th May our CEO, Rias A. Sherzad tweeted, ” We have reached 100 000 registered members on the Salam Busines Club…” Today, we officially announce 100 000 confirmed members. We thank all of you for being actively involved in the portal and spreading the word to your friends, family and business contacts all […]

In case you missed it: we’re on Twitter! Follow the Salam Business Club (@salambc), our CEO and Founder Rias A. Sherzad (@Riyadh) or our Online Media Strategist Khalil Aleker (@khalilaleker). Set up your free Twitter account and receive the latest business information the minute they come out.

Twitter is without a doubt the best way to share and discover what is happening right now… Salam Business Club is on Twitter, follow us here. Here is a great Infographic by Gerardo Obieta, follow him here.

This month we just made it more easy for you to create an account on Salam Business Club. Before it would have taken you less than 1 minute to sign-up. Now it’s even easier If you have a Facebook account, you can now just sign-up or log in using Facebook. It takes less than 20 […]


This is the company blog of the Salam Business Club, the first worldwide Internet-based business network for the Arab, Asian and Muslim world, with members from over 180 countries.

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  • Beta testing our iPhone/iPad App | Salam Business Club Blog: [...] have just finished implementing our iPhone/iPad app utilizing our newly released API and are c [...]