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Yesterday I read a few posts about Customer Service. Let me help you summarise them: There are the three essential ingredients necessary for any company to deliver great customer service: Desire: First, a company has to see the value in providing customer service. Not all do. Some companies clearly have determined that their “value quotient” […]

There is a type of dangerous people that make their round on the Internet. The messages they send look something like this: My beloved, It is my pleasure to contact you for a business venture which I intend to establish in your country.Though I have not met with you before but I believe, one has […]

Have you ever tried “GOOGLING” your name? If you haven’t then I suggest first you do that. (We waiting ) When you Google your name, you will realize  the importance of your online reputation. Every day thousands of individuals are searching online for information about others simply by searching on Google or other leading search […]

So what’s better? I promised you all the difference. So here’s the post. First and foremost the 2 major differences include: Unlike groups, fan pages are visible to unregistered people and are thus indexed (important for reputation management, for example); Unlike pages, groups allow to send out “bulk invite” (you can easily invite all your […]

Often times our members receive messages that lack basic information about the sender, his intentions or what he needs.

It’s Ramadan next week. Salam Business Club wishes all Muslims around the world a “Ramadan Kareem” and all the best. Do not forget about the poor and disadvantaged people all over the globe who are starving out there. May Allah (God) grant us the best of it after granting us the acceptance to witness it. […]

Assalam o aleikum, Peace to all members and visitors Let me first express my joy upon  being a part of Salam Business Club. It is an initiative with great potential and unique approach. The vision and strategy is clear – while the platform is evolving. The member base is expanding – however we are nowhere […]

You heard the saying countless times that “Content is King”. Well, I can second that for sure. Adding content to your Salam Business Club profile is key. In fact, it’s a matter of success or failure. Look at my profile. At first impression it looks fairly complete, confident, detailed and willing. Willing to connect, willing […]

You probably wondering who, what, where, when, why and how come Salam Business Club? Well soon our CEO, Co-Founder, Rias will inform us about his journey, inspirations, confidence levels and vision throughout this blog. Maybe he’ll even mention our new feature coming soon as it would handle the Questions and Answers too  But from my […]


This is the company blog of the Salam Business Club, the first worldwide Internet-based business network for the Arab, Asian and Muslim world, with members from over 180 countries.

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